How to Play

Our nights are intended to be fun and engaging – here’s how to get involved!

You will need 2 devices to play. This can be either a phone or tablet and a laptop/computer, or 2 phones or 2 tablets!

Please note that that you can (if you wish) run Teams and the Quizzing app on the same device. This however is not recommended as you will be unable to see the questions!

For the full and best experience please use the below guides!

Device 1 – See and Hear the Quiz!

On device 1, you will need to join the Microsft Teams meeting so that you can hear (and see!) your host for the Quiz!

Downloading the Teams app onto your device is recommended.

Install Teams – IOS or Android
Install Teams – PC or Mac

The link for this will be emailed out approximately 30 minutes before the meeting opens!

Device 2 – Play the Quiz!

On device 2, you will need to download the SpeedQuizzing app to put your answers into!

This is the same app used when you join a quiz in a pub or venue – but this time you will need the PIN number which is sent out by email before the quiz starts.

SpeedQuizzing App

Please download the app for your device. On the night, you will need your Team Name and the PIN that will be emailed to you before the Quiz begins!

Once downloaded, open the app and it should look like this:

1) Tap on PIN

2) Enter the PIN

3) Put in your Team Name
4) Press Connect